Matchmaking has met its match!

our mission

the soulmater provides high-end boutique matchmaking, coaching and mentoring services for men and women, modern orthodox and traditional jewish singles

Our unique method involves an extensive approach, developing an in-depth relationship with each individual client. This allows us to identify an appropriate match for each client’s particular needs, whether single, widowed or divorced. 

initial consultation

There is no charge nor commitment for our initial phone conference or face-to-face meeting to determine how we can help you find your Soulmate. Following our initial consultation, we formulate a proposal indicating our fee and payment options. Fees range based upon our assessment of each individual client's needs, goals and expectations. 

confidence and comfort

Our life and professional experiences have equipped us with first hand knowledge of the stress and frustration of finding your Soulmate.

We have walked in your shoes!

Confidentiality and trust are our upmost priorities. We schedule all meetings in a casual setting or in our New York City office – wherever you will be most comfortable.

motivated for success

Our fee is always split in two equal parts. Half the fee is paid when joining The Soulmater. The other half of the fee is only paid once we have found your Soulmate. The fee never expires and you will remain our focus until we achieve success.

our inspiration

The profits from our clients' fees support BIGVISION, a not-for-profit organization which  was created in memory of Isaac Goldberg Volkmar, our founder’s stepson who faced many challenges in his twenty-three years of life. BIGVISION.NYC is dedicated to helping young adults in recovery. The mission is to provide fun activities and build a sober and enriching community for those struggling with substance abuse while guiding them towards meaningful career and educational goals.