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Trevco is proud to feature fully sublimated apparel, print on demand. So what is Sublimation and how does it work?

Sublimation is a print process that starts by printing the design on special paper using special ink. The paper is placed on top of a polyester or poly/cotton garment and a heat press applies pressure and time to turn the ink into a gas, dying the polyester fabric of that item.

When sublimating on finished goods, slight imperfections will develop on parts of the shirts or fabric where folds or bunching of the material is most common. This result is a common occurrence and inherent with the sublimation process.

To read more about these common imperfections, check out this link:

We offer multiple choices on sublimated apparel:

1. You can choose to have a front-only print Front Print
2. Or a front and back print Front and Back
3. You can also choose our black back sublimated tee. This is a neat alternative and is cost effective because we only print the front. The back is already black. Black Back Tee
4. We also offer 100% Polyester which turns out to be more vibrant Polyester
5. And a 65% Polyester/35% Cotton blend, where the cotton makes the t shirt look more vintage. Cotton
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